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Please note: This page was updated on 23rd July, 2007

Bedhampton Baptisms

These are some of the Baptisms for the Parish of St Thomas, Bedhampton, Hants for the 1600s which are now available on CD

BRISHUNT, Mary, daughter of John (born 21st September, 16864th October, 1686
REES, Henry, son of William1st September, 1688
VINE, George, son of Christopher17th September, 1688
ROADY, James, son of Thomas4th November, 1688
WOLF, Thomas, son of Thomas5th November, 1688
SMITH, Thomas, son of John21st April, 1689
CROCKFORD, Mary, daughter of Ralph7th June, 1689
JENNING, John, son of James and Mary1 April, 1690
WOLF, Richard, son of Thomas7th July, 1690
WOLF, William, son of Thomas7th July, 1690
ROADY, Mary, daughter of Thomas7th July, 1690
CROCKFORD, Edward, son of Ralph27th July, 1690
BULLEN, Thomas, son of Thomas29th December, 1690
WOLF, Mary, daughter of Nicholas11th January, 1691
HASLIN, Thomas, son of Thomas5th June, 1692
COLE, Mary, daughter of John3rd July, 1692
HAMMAN, Elizabeth, daughter of Richard11th December, 1692
ROADS, Elizabeth, daughter of Richard23rd April, 1693

Bedhampton Marriages

These are some of the Marriages for the Parish of St Thomas, Bedhampton, Hants for the year 1813 now available on CD.

CROUCHER, Thomas and Alice Baker7th October, 1689
COOK, John (of Arundale) and Dorothy Pannell (of Chichester)13 October, 1689
PLEDGER, Henry and Catherine Cadman (of Farlington)10th July, 1691
HAMMOND, Peter and Sarah Palmer13th October, 1691
COLLINS, Richard and Winifred Bone9th January, 1691/2
GROUT, John (of Chalton) and Elizabeth Scardavill3rd May, 1692
SCARDAVILL, John and Hannah Alweek11 February, 1693/4
HOCKLEY, Nicholas and Helene Frank (of Godalming, Surrey)20th August, 1694
HART, John and Mary Godwin24th February, 1695/6
PAYNE, Ambrose and Margaret Souter (both of Portsmouth)3rd August, 1696

Bedhampton Burials

These are some of the Burials for the Parish of St Thomas, Bedhampton, Hants for the 1600s now available on CD.

Roe, Richard son of William30th August, 1688
WOLF, Sarah1st September, 1688
VINE, Christopher1st September, 1688
GARMAN, Grace (of Warblington)7th November, 1688
NELSON, Johanna, wife of Francis Nelson, the Rector11th November, 1688
WEEK, Susan5th December, 1688
WEEK, William14th January, 1688/9
FORDER, Thomas23rd March, 1688/9
BARTON, Ann13th April, 1689
MOTT, Stephen6th June, 1689
CROCKFORD, Mary10th June, 1689
ALLEN, Jane, wife of Henry5thy August, 1689
SCONES, Arthur (of Havant23th August, 1689
ROE, William4th October, 1689


Tribute - A Roll of Honour to the men from the Portsmouth area who lost their lives in the First World War

The following is an extract from this large database which is available in the above publication, details of which can be found on our Publications page.

ABBINETT, Alfred Ernest, aged 35 from Hatfield Road, Portsmouth. Petty Officer Stoker, Royal Navy who died on 31st May, 1916 while serving on HMS Shark.

ABERY, Alfred, aged 25 from Adair Road, Eastney. Serjeant 2nd Bn. The Hampshire Regiment who died in action on 23rd April, 1917.

ABRAHAM, Alfred Henry, aged 39 from Hyde Park Road, Portsmouth. Steward, Mercantile Marine Reserve, who died on 11th October, 1917 while serving on HM Yacht Kethailes.

ABRAHAM, Frederick William, aged 38 from Commercial Road, Portsmouth. Skilled Labourer in HM Dockyard, Portsmouth who was drowned while working on HMS Fisgard II off Portland on 17th September, 1914.

ABRAHAM, George Harry, aged 19 from Somers Road, Southsea, Portsmouth. Private in the 9th Bn. The Cheshire Regiment who died in action on 31st May, 1918.

ABRAHAM, William John, aged 24 from Amelia Street, Landport, Portsmouth. Private in the 6th Bn. The Royal Berkshire Regiment who died in action on 17th February, 1917.

ABRAMS, Frederick George Leonard, aged 25 from Kent Street, Portsea, Portsmouth. Lance Corporal in the 2nd Bn. The Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry who died in action on 23rd April, 1915.

ABRAMS, Harold James, aged 26 from Kent Street, Portsea, Portsmouth. Able Seaman, Royal Navy who died while serving on HMS Good Hope on 1st November, 1914.

ABURROW, John Albert from Portsmouth. Officer's Cook 1st Class, Royal Navy, died on HMS Hampshire on 5th June, 1916.

ADAMES, Alfred Henry, aged 35 from Norman Road, Southsea, Portsmouth. Blacksmith's Mate in the Royal Navy, died while serving on HMS Bulwark when she blew up in Sheerness Harbour, Kent on 26th November, 1914.

ADAMS, Ernest Hector Alexander, aged 31 fromChurch Street, Landport, Portsmouth. Leading Seaman in the Royal Navy who died while serving in HMS Good Hope on 1st November, 1914.

ADAMS, G.J. aged 21 from The Lodge, Kingston Recreation Ground, Portsmouth. A Lance Corporal in 'D' Company, 14th Bn. The Hampshire Regiment who died in action on 16th May, 1916.

ADAMS, Leonard from 65, Copnor Road, Copnor, Portsmouth. Chief Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class in the Royal Navy and died while serving in HM Submarine 'K4 on 31st January, 1918.

ADDIS, George, a Warrant Mechanician in the Royal Navy who died in action while serving on HMS Good Hope.

ADDISON, Alfred Charles, aged 35 from 'St Lawrence', Queen's Crescent, Southsea, Portsmouth. A Captain in the 2nd Bn. The Hampshire Regiment who died in action on 25th April, 1915.

ADLAM, Frank Hart, aged 27 from Warren Avenue, Milton, Portsmouth. A Private in the 1st Bn. The Dorsetshire Regiment who was killed in action on 15th April, 1917

Funeral Directors Records

We have now completed the transcription of the records of Messrs M. Coghlan of Fareham to the end of 2012 and whose records from 1860 cover the whole of Fareham plus parts of Gosport in the south and up to Southwick and Wickham in the north, and in Portsmouth for Messrs George Andrews, Barrells of Portsmouth, and Dashwood and Denyer. In Chichester we have those for Edward White and Son and in total there are just over 86,000. Other records for the Portsmouth area funeral directors are Dashwood and Denyer, G. Andrews and Sons, various Co-operative branches, Edwards of Waterlooville. We are unable at the moment to have any for funeral directors under the Dignity Banner as despite the Freedom of Information Act, they are the only company that will not co-operate in letting us copy them.

In addition, we have all published records for funeral directors for the whole of Hampshire, Sussex and the Isle of Wight. The include the names of the deceased, date and place of death and burial/cremation, the Funeral Director and other basic details which were published  These records date from 1990.

From 1990, we have complete listings of published funeral records for the whole of the Portsmouth area separately. These give details of name, death date of deceased, age and or date of birth, address where shown, place of burial or cremation and the name and address of the funeral director. There are also a large number that occurred before 1990. In total there are almost 78,000 records in all in this group.

Birth, Marriage and Death Records

We have extensive records of these groups both for this country and abroad (where there is a British conection). These total almost 150,000 and are being added to daily.