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We should add here that our CDs are produced with the latest updated software and this may mean that they will not work on very early software both on Works or Word. Operating systems Windows 98 onwards should be OK. Also ensure that the latest version of Acrobat Reader is used which is downloadable free on the Internet.

The current selection of CDs is as follows:

In our Tribute Series:

Tribute to the men of the Hampshire Regiment who lost their lives in the First World War. £8

Tribute to the men of the Hampshire Regiment who lost their lives in the Second World War. £8

Civilians who died in the Portsmouth and Gosport areas in the Second World War. £5

Civilians who died in the Southampton area in the Second World War. £5


NEW Amport, St Mary covering Baptisms 1665-1902. Marriages 1662-1930 and Burials 1637-1929. £6

Appleshaw, No dedication, covering Baptisms 1752-1900, Marriages 1756-1920 and Burials 1781-1900. £5

Bedhampton, St Thomas a Becket which contains Baptisms 1513-1876, Marriages 1594-1876 and Burials 1688-1836. £5

Bentley, St Mary containing Baptisms 1542-1921, Marriages 1541-1920 and Burials 1541-1920. £8

Binsted, Holy Cross containing Baptisms 1752-1915, Marriages 1661-1919 and Burials 1654-1920. £8

Blendworth, St Giles/Holy Trinity containing Baptisms 1586-1965. Marriages 1587-1953 and Burials 1586-1965. £5

Botley, All Saints, covering Baptisms 1679-1866, Marriages 1680-1837 and Burials 1679-1837. £8

Brading, Isle of Wight, St Mary the Virgin containing Baptisms 1547-1899, Marriages 1550-1898 and Burials 1563-1900. £5

Brighstone, Isle of Wight, St Mary containing Baptisms 1644-1888, Marriages 1644-1901 and Burials 1780-1812. £5

Brockenhurst, St Nicholas covering Baptisms 1701-1840, Marriages 1717-1836 and Burials 1716-1860. £5

Brown Candover, St Peter which contains Baptisms 1752-1812, Marriages 1761-1837 and Burials 1612-1837. £5

Buriton, St Mary which contains Baptisms 1692-1900, Marriages 1645-1927 and Burials 1678-1899. £5

Catherington, All Saints with Baptisms 1582-1947, Marriages 1676-1949 and Burials 1645-1940. £6

Chale, Isle of Wight - St Andrew containing Baptisms 1685-1866, Marriages 1701-1902 and Burials 1708-1812. £5

Chalton, St Michael and All Angels covering Baptisms 1752-1854, Marriages 1538-1900 and Burials 1538-1837. £5

Chilton Candover, St Nicholas covering Baptisms 1752-1811, Marriages 1755-1837 and Burials 1677-1837. £5

Chilworth, St Denys covering Baptisms 1722-1837, Marriages 1721-1836 and Burials 1723-1837. £5

Clanfield, St James covering Baptisms 1601-1894 and 1939-1949, Marriages 1601-1949 abd Burials 1547-1945. £6 (Please note that the gap in the Baptism records is because the originals for the period were destroyed in a fire).

Denmead, All Saints covering Baptisms 1881-1940 and Marriages 1881-1970. Burials took place generally in Denmead Cemetery and so are not on the CD. £6

East Meon, All Saints covering Baptisms 1560-1850, Marriages 1560-1900 and Burials 1563-1900. £6

Emsworth, St James covering Baptisms 1841-1941, Marriages 1841-1941 and Burials 1841-1913. £5

Faccombe, St Barnabas covering Baptisms 1580-1878 and Marriages 1558-1883. £5

Farlington, Portsmouth, St Andrew covering Baptisms 1536-1874, Marriages 1655-1882 and Burials 1538-1837. £5

NEW, Froyle, Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary covering Baptisms 1653-1922, Marriages1503-1923 and Burials 1653-1921. £5

Hamble le Rice, St Andrew - here we have Baptisms 1752-1920, Marriages 1730-1920 and Burials 1680-1920. £5

Hambledon, St Peter and St Paul covering Baptisms 1596-1848, Marriages 1596-1874 and Burials 1596-1837. £6

Havant, St Faith, covering Baptisms, Marriages and Burials from 1653 to 1854. £8

Hayling North, St Peter covering Baptisms 1515-1874, Marriages 1536-1900 and Burials 1780-1900. £6

Hayling South, St Mary covering Baptisms 1672-1910, Marriages 1676-1920 and Burials 1672-1915. £6

Headbourne Worthy, St Swithun, covering Baptisms 1813-1947, Marriages 1813-1950 and Burials 1813-1948. £5

Hound, St Mary the Virgin covering Baptisms 1660-1852, Marriages 1667-1901 and Burials 1667-1837. £6

Kingsclere, St Mary covering Baptisms 1520-1914, Marriages 1518-1900 and Burials 1539-1889. £6

Kingston, Isle of Wight, St John - Baptisms 1647-1795, Marriages 1639-1900 and Burials 1649-1793. £5

Locks Heath, St John, covering Baptisms 1893-1925 and Marriages 1896-1925. £5

Martin, All Saints - Baptisms 1716-1889, Marriages 1589-1978 and Burials 1592-1898. £6

Minstead, All Saints covering Baptisms 1720=1920, Marriages 1682-1920 and Burials 1682-1922. £6

Monxton, St Mary's Church, covering Baptisms 1717-1877, Marriages 1718-1877 and Burials 1780-1886. £5

Newchurch, Isle of Wight,  All Saints, covering Baptisms 1692-1857, Marriages 1692-1865, and Burials 1780-1812. £5

NEW OTTERBOURNE, St Matthew covering Baptisms 1642-1840, Marriages 1647-1840 and Burials 1648-1840. £6

Pamber, Priory Church of Ss Mary and John the Baptist covering Baptisms 1561-1898, Marriages 1561-1950 and Burials 1661-1900. £5

NEW Petersfield, St Peter covering Baptisms 1752-1894, Marriages 1558-1895 and Burials 1535-1837. £6

Portchester, St Mary's Church with Baptisms 1502-1932, Marriages 1502-1935 and Burials 1619-1930. £5

Portsea, All Saints. Covering baptisms 1823-1940 and Marriages 1839-1928. There are no Burial registers as these are recorded in the records of Mile End Cemetery which was created for the parish. The parish was established in 1828 and is the 'bridge' between St Thomas Parish Church and St Mary's. It was extremely busy and during the period of this CD there were 27, 694 baptisms. On one Christmas day there were no fewer than 24 Marriages conducted. As it was in the centre of Portsmouth there are many events from outside the parish, especially from London. £8

Portsea, St Mary. This is the church in the middle of Portsea Island on which the site has had a church buiding stretching back to the 11th Century. There have been thousands of Marriages carried out here and this CD covers 18,258 which took place between the years 1653 to 1912 and has taken almost 7 years to produce. £12

St Agatha, Portsea, covering Baptisms 1892-1950 and Marriages 1898-1955. £8. [Please note this church which was established in 1882, became a parish in its own right in 1898. It was bombed during the 2nd World War, and in the years after, the number of events dropped and it was closed in 1955 when the last Marriage took place. Most burials for this parish took place in Mile End Cemetery, Portsea. This parish is particularly important because many of the congregation came from outside the parish, particularly from the parishes of St Thomas and St Mary].

Portsea, St Mark covering (from its consecration), Baptisms 1874-1920 and Marriages 1875-1920. No churchyard for burials, £8

St Stephen, Portsea, covering Baptisms and Marriages from the consecration in 1902 until it was bombed during World War II and finally closed in 1961. There were no burials which took place at the church. £5

Purbrook, St John the Baptist with Baptisms 1858-1976, Marriages 1858-1983 and Burials 1858-1985. £5

Redhill (Rowlands Castle), St John the Baptist, Redhill (Rowlands Castle) which contains Baptisms 1841-1941, Marriages 1844-1941 and Burials 1842-1934. £6

Shedfield, St John the Baptist, containing Baptisms 1829-1920, Marriaged 1843-1924 and Burials 1830-1920. Parish was consecrated in 1829. £5

Sheet, St Mary Magdalen with Baptisms 1868-1930, Marriages 1869-1931 and Burials 1872-1883. £5

Sherborne St John - St Andrew with Baptisms 1509-1940. Marriages 1509-1940 and Burials 1652-1940. £5

Soberton, St Peter - wuth Baptisms 1546-1879, Marriages 1730-1920 and Burials 1680-1920. £5

Southampton, The Jesus Chapel covering Baptisms 1681-1837, Marriages 1675-1920 and Burials 1681-1837. £7

South Boarhunt, St Nicholas, which contains Baptisms, Marriages and Burials from 1654-1988. £6

Steep, All Saints, covering Baptisms 1610-1900, Marriages 1611-1899 and Burials 1610-1900. £5

Tangley, St Thomas - containing Baptisms 1752-1930, Marriages 1703-1978 and Burials 1679-1920. £5

Titchfield, St Peter, covering Baptisms 1592-1846, Marriages 1540-1879 and Burials 1591-1825. Also includes Baptisms of Crofton Chapel, 1839-1846, St Paul's Chapel Baptisms 1836-1845 and Burials 1836-1837, and Independent Chapel Baptisms 1804-1834. £8

Warblington, St Thomas a Becket, which contains Baptisms 1629-1875, Marriages 1628-1885 and Burials 1708-1812. £6

Waterlooville, St George, which contains Baptisms 1832-1924, Marriages 1858-1923 and Burials 1831-1908. This parish was originally a Chapelry of Farlington and became a separate parish in 1910. £6

Widley, St Mary Magdalen, Widley which contains Baptisms (1738-1916), and Marriages and Burials (1738 - 1934). The church was bombed in WWII. £5

Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, St James, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight containing Baptisms 1621-1887 and Marriages 1616-1897. £5

Yaverland, Isle of Wight, St John the Baptist, Yaverland, Isle of Wight containing Baptisms 1632-1887 and Marriages 1604-1896. £5

Phillimore's Marriage Registers, Volume 4 for Crondall Marriages 1599-1813, Winton Cathedral (Baptisms, Marriages and Burials) 1599-1813 and Kingsgate (Baptisms, Marriages and Burials) 1599-1813. £5

Phillimores Marriages Volume 9 covering the Hampshire parishes of Bentley, East Woodhay, Hartley Wespall, Hunton, Laverstoke, Linkenholt, Mapledurwell, Popham, Preston Candover, Sherfield-on-Lodden, Stoke Charity, Wonston and Woodmancote. £5

Phillimores Parish Registers Volume 16 for Winchester parishes of St Bartholomew, Hyde Marriages 1563-1837, St Faith Marriages 1674-1837, St Peter, Cheesehill Marriages 1597-1837 and St Thomas with St Clement Marriages 1685-1837. £5

Phillimore's Marriage Registers for the Isle of Wight. Coverage varies slightly but overall is between 1541 - 1837. £6

Phillimore's Marriage Registers for the church of St Thomas, Portsmouth from 1653 to 1775. £8

Phillimore's Marriage Registers for the church St John the Baptist, Boldre from 1596 to 1813. £6


Broomfield Secondary School, Havant Admission and Withdrawal Registers. Part One has details of over 1500 pupils for the 1958-1963 Admissions. Details include parents/guardians, home address, previous schools, schools transfers etc. As with the CD for Oak Park School, this is a unique record which has never been issued before and is taken from the only existing registers which we have. Part B will now commence transcribing. £5

Oak Park School, Havant Admission and Withdrawal School Registers. Details of over 1500 pupils who started at this new Secondary School from various other schools in the Havant and Portsmouth areas in 1957. Details include parents/guardians, home address, previous schools, schools transfers etc. This is a unique record which has never been issued before. £5

1842 Havant Tithe Awards - Listing tithes paid and by whom for the whole parish of Havant and the surrounding area. £4

The full details of the staff and inmates of all the Union Workhouses and Houses of Industry in the the county of Hampshire for 1881. £8

The Havant Censuses 1841 to 1901. This is a set of the censuses leaving out the one for 1881 as this is already available on CD. These are not indexes but the original enumerator's sheets. £4

Kelly's Directories -

The Channel Islands for the years 1899. £5

Dorset for the year 1899. £5

Hampshire and the Isle of Wight for the year 1895. £5

Hampshire and the Isle of Wight for the year 1899. £5

Hampshire and the Isle of Wight for the year 1927. £5

Portsmouth and Southsea for the year 1915. £5

Wiltshire for the year 1899. £5

CDs can be ordered by post from Mrs S. Renault, 4 Bow Hill Lane, West Stoke, Chichester, West Sussex PO18 9BS. Please add £1.50 per item for postage and packing for inland orders and £2.50 for overseas orders. We regret we can only accept cheques made out in pounds sterling and made payable to SPGC.