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The last bits and peices were all tweeked and we were ready to open on the 23rd - except for one, and that is the specialist internet connection which is needed to go through buildings and under floors. The arrangement to have this done has been set for nearly two months now, but the expert in the field (and apparently there is only one) is still sick and so we are stuck. However, brave as we are, everything else is up and running and we shall not be defeated!

WOW and even more WOW!

In the past couple of weeks our websites have been receiving over 1,000 hits on most days which is fantastic. May we ask that could everyone who calls in to our Facebook page clicks on the LIKE button at the top of the page as we are working to increase our world-wide coverage to match our main site. Many thanks.

Fantastic welcome to our first page of the new era when we topped 2,255 hits on the first day. Thanks everyone.


The CD problems we are having as shown above and below as on our CD available page is causing us problems in other directions as you will see because some parish CDs have been completed and checked and are ready for publication. The orders have been placed by these are also being held up. We are truly sorry for this.

What a let down!

The reprint of the St Mary's Parish Registers has now been completed and the orders list has been partially fulfilled, so we have ordered a second reprint and in a larger number. Our supplier has warned us that they have a production difficulty of some sort and so there will be a delay in fulfilling our order and so we must apologise for orders still outstanding and will deal with them as soon as we receive the new order. We really are sorry but the problem iis really out of hands.


We were very pleased and even astounded to receive the news that our work, both through the Centre and the Drop-ins we do, have been recognised by the Adoption Support Services of Hampshire County Council. It is surprising how many links we have formed through the service we provide.

Advance notice of Publications

We can announce that there are two new publications nearing the end of writing which we were planning to introduce in May but because of the move they won't be published into July or perhaps later. Both are in our very popular TRIBUTE series, the first is the tribute to the servicemen and women who lost their lives in the Afghanistan War and the second is a tribute to the servicemen who lost their lives in the First World War for a variety of 'crimes' and were shot at dawn for their sins. 

Dates of Meetings

Don't forget that the dates of our meetings appear on the Diary page along with other events which are in the process of being planned at the moment.